What my clients have to say about me:

“Sarah is an excellent asset to any business. We were absolutely delighted with her work. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilful in several fields including marketing, audience research, digital platforms and PR. Sarah is also very well connected across the tourism, arts and heritage sectors in Wales, and understands how these industries work. Sarah gets things done quickly and to target- she adds value to everything asked of her, consistently exceeding expectations. She is a people person, likeable and a very strong communicator who is sensitive to how to get the right results from others.” – Dr Bronwen Price, Literature Wales

“Once you sign onto a project, you commit yourself to it like no-one I’ve ever met; you constantly look for things that need doing, and then rather than delegating, you get on with them. And then you look for the next thing, without waiting to be prompted. Secondly, your commitment. You don’t care who gets credit, you never complain and you don’t get distracted by office politics. These qualities are rare; any employer or client of yours can see that your time and your skills are focused only on the job at hand. Thirdly, and this means everything in the freelance world; your attitude. It’s clear that you enjoy your work, that it matters to you, but also that you have a sense of humour and a sense of perspective. In other words, you have very high standards, but you’re never intimidating to work with – you inspire people to try to meet the same standards and you make people want to work with you” – Catrin Rogers, National Theatre Wales

“Sarah is friendly, personable and easy to communicate with, especially face-to-face. She makes it easy to work with her and discuss ideas and important information with. She generally completes her tasks promptly and effectively. She shows genuine enthusiasm for our organisation so you feel more important than just a client. She is happy to make suggestions and offer her opinion but will always follow our wishes first and foremost, and makes sure she has clear instructions before carrying out any task.” – Lucy Moorcraft, BIG STEM Communicators Network

“Special thanks to you, Sarah, for herding the cats so skilfully over recent weeks!” – Kate Stokes Davies, Head of Communications & External Affairs, BBC Cymru Wales

“Sarah is an independent communications professional with great experience of marketing, events and PR across a range of sectors. She is undaunted by the scale or complexity of projects and build relations easily with colleagues and stakeholders at all levels. In comms, things change quickly and Sarah is flexible enough to change plans and understand that last minute actions are sometimes necessary. Sarah is organised and writes clear plans for all parties to follow. She is able to look at the whole integrated campaigns against strategic objectives and then create a tactical plan to match. Overall, she is results focused, enthusiastic and committed to achieving project targets. She is also experienced enough to challenge perceptions and clients on issues she believes won’t work – this is important in freelance work to add value. Sarah has strong contacts in her specialist sectors across Wales and attends key networking events.” – Zara Cottle, Director, Equinox Communications

“Sarah’s marketing expertise helped us to get our foot in the door with many local organisations, bringing most of the venues on board and keeping the rest of us on schedule. Without her, the festival simply would not have taken place.” Cardiff Science Festival 2012 Committee

“Working with Sarah is easy – she has an open and friendly manner, her ideas are cost effective and achievable and she has a gift for keeping a clear focus on the work we do. I find her thoughtful and measured, when presented with a problem to solve; the way she approaches situations requiring making a decision on issues she has not experienced before is very reassuring. She doesn’t panic, or make off-the-cuff remarks, but rather stops to consider quietly, set out the parameters of the problem and list the possible remedial actions. I find we are able to make quick decisions together without any flurry and panic.” – Rachel Mason, Public Engagement Project Manager

“You communicate with clarity and tact, and are confident to offer your professional expertise/judgement when you can see it is needed. You have the ability to project your personality into a situation while still being highly competent and professional – for me this means that it has always been a pleasure to work with you You always do what is required in a timely fashion but also offer your expertise/input in other ways and are happy to share new ideas, suggest changes for improvement, take responsibility for extras” – Bridget Holligan, Head of Education, Science Oxford

“Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work – you’ve done a fab job, thank you!” Angela Boffy, Energy Saving Trust

“Sarah is a pleasure to do business with.  I’m extremely grateful for her help.  Her highly practical advice is wise, expert, imaginative and spot on” – Dr Malcolm Love, Spendid Thing Media

“Thanks for all you have done for us in the recent past – quite the best level of service we have ever had from any administrator” – Cllr Anthony Ernest, South Wales Attractions Partnership

“Sarah has worked with Petersens on various client projects and I’m always impressed by the breadth of her marketing knowledge and ability to get things done on time and to budget” Rob Petersen,  Petersens Marketing Agency

“Many thanks for visiting the College and giving our students such an interesting lecture” – Aiden Plender, Head of Arts Programme, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

“You have made a real contribution to the marketing team.  Your experience and enthusiasm has been a benefit in strengthening the marketing strategy” – Liz Terry, Audience Services Director, Techniquest